Send me a message on Discord (linus7017) with a link where your scenario can be accessed. I’ll be happy to include it in the list.


  • Copy the following template when submitting an adventure to the Eldritch Instinct website.
  • The file should be written in Markdown. The filename should be lowercase, and use the *.md suffix (example:
  • Make sure the add the “front matter” at the top of the file (the parts starting with the --- at the beginning) or the submission won’t work. For an example, see here (raw text here).
  • Scenario submissions should always credit the author of the work as well as the name of the person converting the work.
  • Please link to the author, as well as the adventure and (if you’re comfortable with it) your own website or contact.
  • If possible, ask for the author’s permission. If not, that’s OK! We don’t generally need it, but it’s great to have.

Conversion Template

layout: default
parent: Conversions
grand_parent: Scenarios
title: Scenario Title
nav_exclude: true
search_exclude: true

# Scenario Title

- Based on the [original work](link-to-game-page) by Author Name](link-to-author-site).
- Conversion by [Your Name](link to your contact on the web]

## General Notes
- Put any notes on the conversion here!
- You can list monsters & NPCs separately or by the location they can be found

## Monsters or NPCs

### Monster Name
Monster 1
- Monster special (critical damage, abilities)
- More monster specials, etc.

## Locations
### Location A
#### Weird thing 1
- Notes on weird thing 1

Note that the “nav_exclude” and “search_exclude” directives in the Front Matter are for staging purposes only; when the conversion is “complete” they can be removed.